Play Tim Tebow or Trade Tim Tebow

It might sound like the beginning to a new Die Hard movie but there is a hostage-situation taking place right now in East Rutherford, NJ.

The Jets have Tim Tebow in lockdown. Just a little more than a week ago the New York Daily News reported that more than a dozen Jets teammates claim that Tebow is “terrible.” This coming from a team that was then 3-6 and is now 4-7 and who have pretty much been Tebow-less all season for no fault of his own.

How did Tebow respond? As usual, like a champion, that’s how. He kept a positive attitude. He’s still working hard. He has done everything that the Jet’s organization has asked of him. Everyone, even his critics, knows that Tim Tebow is a stand-up guy. Yet this is how he gets treated? How can this be? What is going on here?

Maybe some of the Jets players have just downed too much haterade but I think that this recent criticism has nothing to do with Tebow’s football capability and everything to do with his faith. Sure, you can say that he is a horrible quarterback. I mean he was only the first college sophomore ever to win the Heisman Trophy. (For those who don’t know, that means that he was the most outstanding player in collegiate football as a sophomore.) And yes, he only won two college national championships with Florida. And yes, he only held the SEC all-time records in passing efficiency and total rushing touchdowns, appearing second and tenth (respectively) in the NCAA record book in those categories. Oh yeah, and did I mention that all he has done in his limited NFL career was that minor thing of turning an NFL team with a losing record into a playoff team in one partial season? No big deal, right?

I mean, yes, it is a fact that Tebow’s style is unorthodox but, c’mon folks, there can be no question as to whether or not he is a winner or whether he helps teams to win when he is at the helm. Yet, in New York the dismal 4-7 Jets team apparently filled with anonymous cowards claim that he is “terrible.” Why?

The answer is quite easy. Many Jets players are masking their religious discrimination against Tebow by accusing him of being a “terrible” player. It is because Tim Tebow outwardly stands for something more than himself. Tim Tebow is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. And I’ve said it before in my prior article when Tebow first began to receive public scrutiny – it’s not really Tebow who is on trial, is Jesus Christ. Jesus’ example challenges people to be something that many people do not want to be. Jesus challenges people to be better than they currently are. And it is apparent that numerous members of the New York Jets do not want to be better than they currently are. People love to hate them some Christians and Tim Tebow is a good one and thus a big ole target. Tebow, a brazen representative of Jesus, stands for everything that the anonymous haters want to bash.

Even as I type this, the folks on Twitter are trending “Put Tebow” in. And even as the Jets are being decimated by 30 points Tebow still sits on the sidelines.

So I have an easy solution. Play Tebow or Trade Tebow. The good news for Jets fans: You play five sub .500 teams to close out the season. Even so, I will still bet you right now that if you trade Tebow to any of those teams today, the team he goes to still manage to beat the Jets when they plays them. That is because Tebow is a winner and he already proved last year that he can beat the Jets hands down.

There is no rule that says that you have to like Tim Tebow but at the very minimum he surely deserves the chance to prove his cowardly anonymous detractor teammates wrong. If the criticism isn’t about his faith then let’s put it to the test. Stop hiding behind the accusations and let’s see if Tebow really just can’t play or if what we are seeing really is just straight-up religious discrimination.


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