“Tase Him!” @ 2:38

The officer says “It’s Not What He Says It’s How He’s Saying It…”. No actually, this is just bad theology. This clip is from a TV show called CampusPD. It illustrates clearly how conflict methodology is only escalating division between people and how the media is actively seeking to promote this kind of behavior to obtain ratings. This video has over 1 million YouTube views and is the #1 video that comes up when one searches “Christians” on YouTube (after the paid advertising). This clearly has nothing to do with Jesus. My advise, don’t be baited into this kind of shenanigans either by preaching a false word or degrading yourself to make your point (or to attract attention). Instead, as you go about today, simply try and show people the authentic Love of Jesus Christ. If you feel like getting into a fight – that feeling probably isn’t from God.