While Supplies Last…

One day, shortly after I began to follow Christ I opened my Bible up and the verse that stuck out was Luke 12:48. The second half of that verse has stayed with me ever since. It reads: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

Those were powerful words for a kid that grew up in a trailer park, scraping his way through college by working multiple jobs – seeking to make something better of himself. Like a lot of people, I never thought of my efforts as something that were just my own. They have always been an extension of my family: Great grandparents that lived on next to nothing through the great depression; Grandparents that overcame the demands of war, abuse, and poverty; Parents that tried their very best working long hours to simply give us kids a shot at something better. All these people have sought to provide for me – in love – and I don’t take any of that lightly.

For a lot of reasons, I want to do the very best I can for them, for my siblings, for the people I love, for the mentors and friends who have taken the time to encourage me, be patient with me, allowing my many rough edges to be molded and shaped in positive ways over time. Because, surly of all people, I know that I have plenty of imperfections. In light of Christ I consider myself to be something of a wreck – flawed and screwed up in ways that I can barely comprehend.

Yet to me, Luke 12:48 is the affirmation that God has given me a great opportunity just by giving me this life. Because in giving this life to me God gave me a chance for something better. And I believe that I have a responsibility to do my very best with that opportunity – with what has been entrusted to me. The profound thing to me is that in Christ everyone has the same opportunity – here and now.

When I gave my life to Jesus, I came to realize that everyone needs a least a shot at something better. It shouldn’t matter where you come from, or what you look like, or how much other people look up to or down on you. People need to be loved. People need at least a chance at something better. They need hope.

I believe that such a hope exists. From the opportunities that I’ve been blessed with I think that such hope comes through Christ in loving God and by loving people. That is part of the impetus for this site. I hope that in sharing my observations and insights that people might be inspired to think a little more deeply about this world that we live in. Maybe, in writing, people will reflect a little more deeply about themselves, their personal behavior, and how they can improve their relationships with one another.

In light of all of that I wanted to offer something to my readers as a token of the fact that I believe in them. Maybe that’s cheesy but if people hadn’t believed in me – I wouldn’t have the joy that I have in my life today. Sometimes it just takes one person to inspire us and help us along.

And while it’s somewhat cliché, I really do believe that together people can be better and can make this world a better place. So I made up a bunch of these 1’ wristbands that say “Love God, Love People – Luke 12:48” as a little reminder that everyday you have the chance to make things a little better no matter who you are. Yeah, so it’s not a bar of gold – I know – but it is a small reminder that you have people who believe in you to help you make that better life a reality. Maybe think of the other people who are wearing the wristband as your family. Maybe think about the wristband as your outward sign of you pledging to make the world better. Maybe think about the wristband as your daily underdog encouragement toward something better. Maybe think about it as a symbol of your faith or an evangelism tool. Or maybe, maybe you just like wristbands – that’s fine too!

Anyway, here are the details:
Anyone can receive ONE FREE wristband by simply subscribing to christopherbenek.com and then emailing me an address to which you would like free wristband shipped. To subscribe simply enter your email in the form on the right hand side of the page that says EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION and press the “Sign Me Up” button. You will then receive an email that you must confirm in order to be subscribed.

Proceeds from people who choose to buy additional wristbands (HERE) will go directly towards making more items to encourage more people.

The truth is – God loves you. So have hope. Because while these wristbands may be in limited supply… you can rest assured that God’s grace is never-ending.